100% Organic Olive Oil


Tierra 1853 was born with the intention of making organic extra virgin olive oil of maximum quality.  After a long transformation process, we have achieved the recovery of the natural conditions  of our centenarian olive trees to give us a pure and 100% organic product.



Our olive grove, named “Finca del Molino de las Monjas”, is located in Cordoba, Andalusia, in the heart of one of the most important olive regions of the world, where the climate and soil produce olives of maximum quality which are transformed into exceptional olive oils

From 1853, we have taken care of this land and its olive trees. We have seen them grow, produce and age with nobleness during all these years, and we continue with this tradition - contributing with our effort to make a 100% organic extra virgin olive oil.

After 3 years of transformation from traditional farming to organic farming, initiated in 2009, we have recovered, carefully for each crop, the natural equilibrium, by eliminating the use of synthetic chemical products (fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides.. etc.)

It is a great satisfaction to be able to contribute to the traditional elaboration of extra virgin olive oil in our region with a 100% organic production.

The Olive Grove

We strive to make the best quality olive oil. The treatments of our trees are minimal, using adequate natural processes throughout the different growth stages in order to maximize quality. Equally, we aim to maintain the sustainability of our production by giving  priority to the environment and our workers

The Project

This project was based on the restoration of - and addition of value to - a small, family-run centenary olive grove of 28 hectares located in Montilla, Cordoba. The respect for the aged olive trees of different varieties, such as “Hojiblanca” and “Picudo”, and the long tradition of this family business have made it possible.


Tierra 1853 is an organic extra virgin olive oil characterized by its fruity aroma and its mild taste. The oil, made mainly with the variety “Hojiblanca” with a touch of the variety “Picudo”, is extracted entirely by mechanical processes at low temperature.

The varieties “Hojiblanca” and “Picudo” are well adapted to the limestone soils that characterize the region of the Campiña Alta of Cordoba. The rain-fed cultivation of these two varieties, which show late fruit maturation, gives our olive oil complex and exquisite aromas that are especially appropriate for its use in both fresh and cooked dressings, enhancing the flavor and aroma of each of the components.

Each harvest gives oil of particular, subtle characteristics just waiting to be discovered.

The elaboration of the oil by the prestigious and neighboring mill of Aceites de Oliva Valderrama guarantees both an exceptional quality and a final product with all its properties intact.

Production: Certificate CAAE N.º 12442

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Miriam Belzunce Millán

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